Tour from Tbilisi

June July August TOUR DISCRIPTIONPAYMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS Georgia is a small and one of the most surviving countries, country of constant invasions and instant constructions. Location of the country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia determined its magnificent history. Latest archeological excavations confirmed, that Georgia is the oldest resided country in Europe and […]

Discover and learn – Georgian polyphony

June July August Popular singing has a highly valued place in Georgian culture. Polyphonic singing, in the Georgian language, is a secular tradition in a country whose language and culture have often been oppressed by invaders. Georgian Polyphony is now on the list of UNESCO intangible world heritage monuments. Georgian folk songs are not sung […]

Taste new – Georgian wine&cuisine – 9-day tour

January February March April May June July August September October November December Duration: 9 daysType: Wine&culinaryPeriod: All yearLength of the distance: 1450 km Georgia is blessed with a variety of delicious cuisine and a great history of wine. Traditional feasts called supra are led by Tamada – the toastmaster; a good Tamada is a poet, […]

Country of flowers – 12-day tour

June July September Duration: 12 daysType: Cultural-BotanicalPeriod: June-July-SeptemberLength of distance: 1350km Join us on this unique and exclusive escorted journey and spend the best summertime in the Caucasus. Explore the villages of Georgian highlands and walk along fertile alpine meadows in Juta and Ushguli(2200m) with an extraordinary diversity of flowers. Georgian Alpine flowers in full […]