Present day Georgia consists of two parts,eastern and western Georgia.These two parts are separated  by Likhi range and about 1.8 km long tunnel.Both parts  consist of  several small regions with administrative centers.Parts of the east Georgia:Kartli(middle Kartli Upper Kartli and Lower Kartli),Mtskheta-Mtianeti,Samtskhe-javakheti,Kakheti,Tusheti,Khevsureti.Western Georgian parts:Imereti,Guria,Racha-lechkhumi,Samegrelo,Ajara,Svaneti. Kartli Kartli is the historical-geographical region in eastern Georgia. It is […]

Ancient cities of Georgia

Dmanisi Dmanisi is an ancient city and museum reserve of Georgia.Located in the south-east 80 km away from Tbilisi it is stretched along 13 hectares on a hillock at the confluence of rivers Mashavera and finezauri. 1936-2001 archeological excavation revealed the inhabitance of this city 1.8 million years ago. It is the oldest inhabited area […]

Cave cities

Uplistsikhe is unique manmade cave complex in the east Georgia, in the middle Kartli 15 km away form Gori on the right bank of river Mtkvari. It’s a historical-archeological site and very important antique monument. Uflistsikhe in Georgian means lord’s fortress and was established in the V century BC, but archeological excavations revealed the traces […]

UNESCO sites

In 1992 7th of October Georgia became a full member of UNESCO. Georgian monuments comprise 0,34 % of UNESCO world heritage site monuments. Mtskheta “Holy capital of Mtskheta” is listed in UNESCO due to its  unique historical- archeological and cultural heritage. The city was established in the VI century B.C and was made the capital […]

Famous georgians

George Balanchine George Balanchine (Giorgi Balanchivadze) was a choreographer. Styled as the father of American ballet,he co-founded the New York City Ballet and remained its Artistic Director for more than 35 years. Balanchine was invited to America in 1933 by a young arts patron named Lincoln Kirstein, and together they founded the School of American […]


Georgia as the Christian Orthodox country is the home of different religions and example of tolerance. In this country many nations have been living for centuries paying respect to each other’s religions.Georgian people always fought to maintain religion, notwithstanding the invasions and influences of different cultures.As it is the country with long running history, Georgia […]

Georgian language and alphabet

Georgia as the country of old civilization has long running culture. It’s evident: “people create language and language creates nation”. During many centuries Georgians fought to preserve their language and at present Georgian is the state language of the country, belonging to the Iberian-Caucasian language group.Though until now there are two different dialects, sub-group of […]