The scent of Georgia- 6 day tour

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the picturesque landscapes and vibrant cultural heritage of Georgia. This enchanting tour will whisk you away to some of the country’s most captivating destinations, offering a taste of its deep-rooted history and renowned wine culture. From the bustling streets of Tbilisi to the serene beauty of Telavi, the mysteries of ancient wine cellars, and the breathtaking mountains of Kazbegi, all the way to the fascinating church Ateni Sioni, your Georgian adventure promises to be a remarkable blend tradition, nature, and discovery.


  • Hotels: • 6 nights in Tbilisi • 1 night in Telavi
  • Guide: • Professional English speaking guide
  • Transport: • Comfortable transport with A/C depending on the size of group. • 2 transfers • Delikas (Japanese 4WD car) in Kazbegi
  • Food: • B-6 • L- 5 • D-0
  • 3 Wine tastings
  • 1 Culinary masterclass
  • Museums: • Stalin • Tsinandali • Wine museum in Napareuli
  • Flight tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • minibars
  • personal expences
  • Tourist destinations not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Porters
  • Dinners
  • Gratuities

Tour Plan

1 Arrival and a city tour

Arrival. Transfer to the hotel.

Begin your tour with a visit to the Old Town, where you can explore the narrow cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and historic churches. Some must-see attractions include the Metekhi church, sulfur baths, the Sioni Cathedral, and the Narikala Fortress, which offers stunning panoramic views of the city.Overnight in Tbilisi.

2 Kakheti wine region - David Gareja Cave Monastery -Tsinandali-Telavi

The Kakheti wine region in Georgia is known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and exceptional wine. A popular day tour option is to visit the region and explore some of its main attractions, such as the David Gareja Cave Monastery and the Tsinandali estate.

The drive to Kakheti takes approximately two hours, and the first stop is the David Gareja Cave Monastery, located on the border with Azerbaijan. This ancient monastic complex dates back to the 6th century and is carved into the rocky hills of the area. The monastery is famous for its unique frescoes, beautiful landscapes, and historical significance.

After exploring David Gareja, the tour continues to the Tsinandali estate, which is located in the heart of the Kakheti wine region. The estate belonged to the Chavchavadze family, one of the most prominent noble families in Georgia, and it is now a museum and a winery. Visitors can enjoy a guided tour of the museum, which showcases the family's history and cultural heritage, and a wine tasting session, where they can try some of the finest Georgian wines.

In the afternoon, the tour heads to Telavi, the administrative center of the Kakheti region, where you will spend the night in a hotel. Telavi is a charming town, known for its traditional architecture, local markets, and warm hospitality.

Overnight in Telavi.

3 Telavi – Twin’s cellar and wine museum –Alaverdi Cathedral-Lunch at ethno house-Qvevri workshop and wine-Chacha tasting -Tbilisi

After breakfast You will visit Twin's Cellar and Wine Museum, where you can discover the history of winemaking in Georgia and taste some of the finest local wines.

Next, you will head to Alaverdi, a 6th-century monastery, which is home to some of the oldest wine cellars in Georgia. You will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful grounds of the monastery.

Visit Lili’s ethno house and explore her beautiful carpets.

As you arrive at Lili's ethno house, you are greeted by the warm and cozy atmosphere of the traditional house. Lili welcomes you with a smile and invites you to take a seat and relax. She starts by showing you around the house, pointing out the different rooms and explaining the history of the house and its architecture.

Next, she takes you to her carpet-making workshop, where you see a variety of beautiful carpets in various colors and patterns. Lili proudly tells you that all the carpets are made by her using natural color threads, which are carefully selected and dyed using traditional methods. She explains the process of making the carpets and even lets you try your hand at weaving a few threads.

After exploring the carpet workshop, it's time for lunch. Lili leads you to the dining area, where you are treated to a delicious organic meal made from locally sourced ingredients. The food is cooked using traditional methods and is bursting with flavor.Top of Form

After lunch, you will visit a Qvevri workshop and wine cellar, where you can learn about the traditional Georgian method of winemaking using clay pots and taste some of the delicious Qvevri wines.

Drive to Tbilisi.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

4 Excursion to Ateni Sioni Church – Gori - Stalin museum –Wine tasting at Chateau Ateni-Tbilisi

The tour will start with a visit to Ateni Sioni Church, a beautiful 7th-century church located in the countryside near the town of Gori.

During the visit, you will have the chance to learn about the history of this ancient church, which is famous for its stunning frescoes and unique architecture.

After visiting the church, the tour will continue to Chateau Ateni, a beautiful vineyard located in the picturesque countryside of Georgia. Here, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the finest local wines, including the famous Saperavi variety.

The wine tasting will be accompanied by delicious Georgian food, and the host will provide you with insights into the local wine culture and traditions.

Then drive to Gori, the birthplace of Stalin.

Visit Stalin Museum in Gori, where you can learn about the life and legacy of the famous Soviet leader.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

5 Culinary masterclass –Free time

Your morning will start with a visit to a local bazaar, where you will have the opportunity to explore the different stalls and vendors selling fresh produce, spices, and other ingredients used in Georgian cuisine. You will be accompanied by your guide, who will help you navigate the market and provide insights into the different foods and their uses.

After shopping for ingredients, you will then head to Keti's home, where she will teach you how to prepare some of the traditional dishes of Georgia. Keti will guide you through the steps of each recipe, providing tips and tricks along the way.

Once you have finished cooking, you will sit down with Keti to enjoy the meal that you have prepared together. This is a great opportunity to chat with Keti and learn more about Georgian culture and cuisine, as well as to savor the flavors of the dishes you have prepared.

Free time.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

6 Trip to Kazbegi - Gergeti Trinity Church-Tbilisi

The tour will begin early in the morning, as you will be picked up from your hotel in Tbilisi by a guide and driver. You will then start your journey towards Kazbegi, which is located in the northern part of Georgia and takes approximately 3 hours to reach.

Along the way, you will pass through the beautiful Georgian countryside and make several stops to enjoy the stunning views and take photos. Stop at the Ananuri fortress, which overlooks the Aragvi River and is a great place to take panoramic photos of the surrounding landscapes.

After leaving Ananuri, you will continue your journey towards Kazbegi, passing through the picturesque Dariali Gorge and making a stop at the Russia-Georgia border for photos.

Once you reach Kazbegi, you will enjoy lunch in a local restaurant.

After lunch, you will change the car and drive Up to Gergeti Trinity church.

Once you reach the Gergeti Trinity Church, you will have some free time to explore the area and take photos. The church is one of the most iconic landmarks in Georgia and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

After visiting the church, you will begin your journey back to Tbilisi. You will arrive in Tbilisi in the evening and be dropped off at your hotel.

7 Departure
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